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9. Miscellaneous (Infrequently Asked Questions)

9.1 Tunneling FTP using frox

The following is a description from Travis Richardson on how to use frox to tunnel all your ftp connections through an ssh link:


Tunnel ftp connections from my laptop to my server, and from there out into the world (I'm assuming here (for my own reasons) that my server's connection / routing is more secure than my laptop's). I want to tunnel both control AND data connections, so I can't just use a single tunnel with Frox.


Done! Restart / start your zebedee server / client and Frox and set your FTP client to use the new proxy at Should work like a charm.

9.2 grsecurity kernel patch

If you are using the grsecurity kernel patch and also local caching in frox then note that frox does a chown within a chroot jail. If you have disabled this then you will need to manually change the ownership of the frox-cache socket file in the working dir the first time you run frox.

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