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2. Compiling and installing

Compile frox with:

        make install (as root)

2.1 ./configure options

2.2 Systems other than linux

Frox was originally written for linux, but thanks to some work by Sergey Matveychuk it should now run on BSD and possibly some other UNIX like OSes. The configure script should do things automatically for bsd systems, but there are still one or two things you should be aware of.

The BSD transparent proxying code can use ipfilter or ipfw. ipfw is the default, but you can use the ipfilter code by compiling with --enable-ipfilter. Other OSes which run ipfilter may also work in this way. If you try it could you drop me an email and let me know the result.

You need to have Listen defined to a local IP address in your config file if you are doing transparent proxying. This means that you can't listen on more than one interface.

You should also note that the TransparentData config file option and the --enable-transparent-data compile time option only works under linux. You probably don't need this functionality anyway, but if you really do then feel free to send me a patch. :)

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